Is it possible to participate in another reality show?

AYTO's JB says: Will he ever join another reality show?

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AYTO’s JB says: Will he ever join another reality show?

Will we see JB on the tube again soon in another show?

The first season of the Dutch Are you the chosen one? It came to an end last week with a bang. We now know the couples who have perfect match We wonder how they are now. Grazia talk to JB, who is looking at his participation and is looking forward to a possible participation in another reality show.


JB finally turned out to be everyone big surprise to be matched with Yasmin. He and Jasmine saw that neither of them really liked them, so they did not investigate further into their possible relationship. So no love for the always cheerful JB, who was hoping to return to the Netherlands with a lady by his side.

“I was really hoping that thanks to science I would find someone who would fit me perfectly,” he says. Rule He was always wrong. I’ve had long relationships, but not lasting relationships. I thought I might find it here, but unfortunately not. “

Another program

However, JB has not yet given up hope in love. In fact, he would be open to looking again for a nice lady on another reality show. “Yes, I enjoyed television,” he says. What programs is on his mind? “Ex on the beach I think it’s a little more intense, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. It also just depends on what my way of thinking will be in a year’s time,” explains JB.

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Also love island It seems like a thing to him. “I thought Love Island was too boring at first, but on the other hand, the look also has something in it,” he continues. There is no science with whom to form a match, but it is up to the participants themselves to determine this. “This is where couples find love. So maybe I will have better luck there.”

JB . Show

However, there is one show that definitely isn’t on the 25-year-old’s list. “temptation island of course not. This is nothing. I don’t like to fight with twenty men against four women. My friends also said it’s not mine. “You just have to have your own show and your own sense,” he said.

What about your reality show? “I thought about discussing something like that with my boss. The JB Show,” he jokes. We are curious!

in Are you the one? Ten men and ten single women go in search of the right person and are interviewed by scientific experts before they enter the villa. In the villa they try to figure out who the right person for them should be through various tasks.

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