1.5 million booster shots, 1 report of heavy reaction

1.5 million booster shots, 1 report of heavy reaction

The association also notes that it is not always certain whether or not there is an allergy. “Many of the complaints described are also consistent with complaints of tension. For example, a feeling of a lump in the throat or an increased heart rate.” After consulting with an allergist, these people can still report to the GGD for the second shot.

On the other hand, Larp writes, the actual number of allergic reactions may also be higher, because not all cases are reported to the center.

Wait fifteen minutes?

Because of possible allergic reactions, wait 15 minutes after inserting a puncture at the puncture site. group of general practitioners begged I decided last week to stop doing that after the booster shot, to speed up the booster campaign. Without the ‘booster quarter’, injections may also be given in general practices.

Health economist Jochen Mirau points out that with a booster vaccine it is known who reacts and who does not react poorly to the vaccine. “We can forgo that waiting time, at least for people who didn’t have an adverse reaction with the first vaccinations within 15 minutes.”

Lareb wrote that in more than half of the cases complaints arose within half an hour; For anaphylactic reactions, it is 80 percent within half an hour, and 72 percent within fifteen minutes.

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