‘Is It Cake?’: Absurde Netflix-realityshow over realistische taarten schopt het tot meest bekeken serie

Is it a cake?

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Is it a bowling ball or a cake? Is it a shoe or a cake? Is it a handbag or a cake? Those are the burning questions you address, “Is it a cake”. Bakers who specialize in making cakes look like ordinary things competing against each other. Whoever bakes the most real things, thus deceiving the rulers, can return home with a huge amount. Actor Mickey Day introduces the scene, asking the million dollar question, “Is this cake?”

feast / feast

All over the world, fans of the seemingly absurd and illogical series are having fun. It is already the most watched show on Netflix in the US. And on social media, there is on the one hand lauding the “dumb” setting of the series, but also vigorously debating the quality of the cake. Red party cups not particularly shaped like a cake are having a tough time online: It is said, among other things, that “party cups were no better than a bowl of chips.”

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It looks like “Is It Cake” will become the latest installment of “Love is Blind” or “Tiger King” in the frenzied reality TV scene on Netflix. One fan tweeted, “Seeing Mickey Day crazily brandishing a knife is exactly the bullshit I needed and expected from the show – 10/10.”

“I’m crazy, is everything cake???” And “one of the weirdest game shows I’ve ever seen, but I’m addicted, man” are the comments that are repeated regularly as well. Cake will never be the same.

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