Netflix has found a new way to get addicted

The service has to come up with something else as competition increases. Games seem to be the answer for Netflix.

With HBO Max recently arriving in the Netherlands, you can no longer count the number of streaming services in our country on one hand. This has been happening for some time in the United States. As a result, Netflix is ​​growing less quickly than you might want it to. In short, the company has to innovate something else to impress the customers. Netflix seems to be investing heavily in games.

The US streaming service chose a different game studio. It’s already the third studio in a short time and is now in the hands of Netflix. The company previously bought Night School and Next Games and now Boss Fight Entertainment has been added. Studios are run in mobile game development.

Netflix intentionally buys well-known companies that already have experience. The names of the studios may not mean anything to you, but I think the games have an impact. Boss Fight, for example, is the company behind CastleVille in one form or another. A very popular game on Facebook. Netflix wants to attract customers to games with accessible games. The real player, of course, raises his nose. These mini games are specially designed to appeal to the masses.

Soon, all the housewives and office workers who are bored from Facebook games will switch to Netflix games? we will see.

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