Van der Gijp aangedaan door kritiek: "Dan wil ik gewoon weg"

“Then I just want to leave”

March 26, 2022 – René van der Gijp finds it annoying to hear that there are hardly any guests on the daily talk show Today inside I want to join. The analyst can be seen on TV every day of the week with Wilfried Jenny and Johann Dirksen, but it turns out to be difficult to find new table companions.

Last Wednesday evening, Özkan Akyol arrived. The writer indicated that many of his colleagues advised him not to join the popular television program, and had previously advised him to join talk shows such as play 1 or Jenk to sit down. However, Akyol ignored it and decided to “just” sit at the table with him Today inside

However, Van der Gijp also notes that fewer and fewer people are open to an invitation from 6- SBSprogram. “I don’t lose heart very often, but in that moment it does,” he said Thursday evening. “I’ve already counted the minutes until the end of the program, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Then I just want to leave.”

Van der Gijp was happy to be back home again. He had previously been concerned about not having new, relevant guests during the program. It hasn’t changed much in terms of viewership numbers. And on Friday evening, 694 thousand viewers watched the program, according to Stichting Kijkonderzoek.

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