Flemming's first diamond painting in the Netherlands: 'absolutely fantastic'

Flemming's first diamond painting in the Netherlands: 'absolutely fantastic'

Not 50, not 100, but 200 million streams: singer Fleming from Den Bosch is the first Dutch artist to receive a diamond record. The gold record and platinum record already exist, but the diamond record is new since January 1st. You can get the record with the magic limit of 200 million album streams. “Unbelievable,” Fleming responds to Radio Omrup Brabant.

Fleming received the diamond plaque for his 2022 album of the same name. With songs like Automatisch and Paracetamollen, the album was a huge success. “It's great that you can achieve this kind of number with your music. And the fact that I'm now the first to have this diamond record is great, of course,” says the singer.

Diamond status, which has been in place since January 1 of this year, is also granted to individuals with 50 million streams. Gold and platinum records have been around much longer and go to singles with 10 million and 20 million streams and albums with 40 million and 80 million streams, respectively.

“But it was a little difficult to explain at a certain point,” Fleming says. “And then they came up with the diamond registry. When we heard about it, my company immediately checked if such a registry was possible. And it was.”

“I'll be toasting with a glass of wine or champagne tonight, for sure.”

200 million streams. It's quite a thing, as Fleming himself admits. “I think this is Brabant many times over,” laughs the Den Bosch resident. “I haven't really realized it yet. I didn't expect it to happen when I made this record, but of course this record didn't exist yet.”

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Fleming will now go down in the history books. “Yes, because I'm first. And that's of course very nice. I'll be toasting with a glass of wine or champagne tonight, that's for sure.”

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