The United States is on its way to permanent daylight saving time

The United States is on its way to permanent daylight saving time

The change won’t take effect until next November, in part due to advice from airlines and broadcasters that they need more time to deliver. The measure has not been approved by the House of Representatives and President Joe Biden.

Since Sunday, most of the United States, which has multiple time zones, has reverted to daylight saving time. Expires in November.

Discussions erupted in the European Union a few years ago when the European Commission in Brussels proposed making winter permanent. Due to differing opinions, the proposal was postponed.

What is more correct?

The former Minister of the Interior, Olungren, at the time, investigated the consequences of a permanent summer or winter for the Netherlands. This showed that a regimen without changes would be better for health. It will also be better for traffic. “In the context of road safety, there are indications that it may be beneficial to avoid a time shift, that is, to maintain a permanent summer time,” the minister said at the time.

The time of perpetual summer may be unfavorable to the construction sector, which values ​​daylight in the morning. According to the minister, the energy savings were “negligible”. In any case, the Netherlands wants to coordinate its system with neighboring countries Belgium and Germany, but also with Luxembourg and France. Even those countries do not yet know what they will decide.

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