Irene Didossie is a new member of the Youth Academy 2022

Irene Didossie is a new member of the Youth Academy 2022

The Youth Academy will welcome ten new members. They are researchers from various disciplines who have proven themselves scientifically and obtained their Ph.D. less than ten years ago. One of them is Dr. Irene DeDossey, a university lecturer on the impact of climate on climate.

Environmental challenges in aviation

How can technology and policy contribute to addressing environmental challenges in aviation? This question is central to Irene Didosi’s research. Using models and measurements, it analyzes how emissions from aviation and other sectors affect the atmosphere, leading to air pollution and climate impacts. Within the small academy, Dedoussi wants to promote interdisciplinary research and ensure that research findings are not restricted to the academic world, but can be applied in decision-making and in the real world.

Ten new members

Irene Didosi is one of ten new members. They conduct research on topics such as the human image of the ancient Greeks, the role of artificial intelligence in development issues, the “archeology” of our galaxy and how to make an artificial mathematics teacher.

The new members will be formally inaugurated as members on March 22, 2022. During their five-year term of office, they promote projects in the areas of science policy, interdisciplinary, science, society, and internationalization.

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