International media praises “Super Denzel Dumfries”: “5-star performance”

Denzel Dumfries.ANP/EPA image

The US media is disappointed with Team USA’s elimination. New York times He saw the players of Greg Berhalter’s team lying tired on the field after the final whistle, after a disappointing performance in the World Cup. “In America, there was a feeling that they could take the title. Holland put an end to that what-if feeling in a clinical way and went to the quarter-finals.”

Washington Post He talks about America’s “hopeful World Cup race” that ended against an efficient Netherlands. “The things that took the Americans to their eighth finals were missing on Saturday. The World Cup campaign that had brought hope and interest from the motherland ended with a 3-1 defeat by the Netherlands in the round of 16,” he added.

Bee USA Today People thought the US team could go far, but according to the paper, the US team was “outperformed” by the Netherlands. America was confident that their talent and team chemistry could make up for a lack of experience on the world stage. But it is clear that the team still has a long way to go to be among the favorites to win the world title.

In England, the match was also watched with great interest. to me Watchman The US defeat was well matched. “USA Flaws Exposed Again at World Cup by Clinical Dutch,” is the headline.

Super Dumfries

In other European media, people mainly star zoom in on Oranjekant. Daley Blind and Memphis Depay are mentioned, but Denzel Dumfries is really in the spotlight. This is how the Italian writes La Gazzetta dello Sportwhich Dumfries knows well, of course, because he plays for Inter, which is what made the Netherlands’ Super Dumfries the quarter-finals. Corriere dello Sport He puts it this way: “Dumfries sends McKinney (from Juventus, ed.) home.”

the The gazeta It states that the United States now has four years to recover, so that the World Cup can begin in their country in 2026. According to the Italian newspaper, the Netherlands won because they had “a higher quality than the United States”. “But also because the three goals of Van Gaal’s team were thanks to serious individual or collective mistakes by America.”

On the BBC Former footballer Micah Richards, who had a good career as a full-back, was particularly enthusiastic about Dumfries. “I thought he played brilliantly. The timing of his runs was excellent, and his stamina on the right side seemed unlimited. His defensive work was good too, it was a 5-star performance, and he capped it off with a goal.”

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Denzel Dumfries scores 3-1 for the Netherlands national team.  ANP/EPA image

Denzel Dumfries scores 3-1 for the Netherlands national team.ANP/EPA image

Creative head in German picture After winning the Orange and Dumfries match. Denzel first, then Washington picture. Thanks to his assists, he brought the American team back to Washington, D.C. With his goal, the hopes of the United States were dashed. It is not American actor Denzel Washington who is the “horror”, but Dumfries.


Marker After the match against the United States, on the one hand, there is criticism of the Dutch national team, which, according to the Spanish newspaper, has not yet reached the level of the “Dutch football model” in terms of football. On the other hand Marker, whom Dumfries calls his “MVP”, praises Orange Counters. “It gave Louis van Gaal’s team a lesson on how to create danger with counters.”

French L’Equipe The Netherlands found the more realistic of the two teams, in a match in which they “didn’t succeed very well”, according to the paper. The Americans were less active than at the start of the tournament especially in midfield, and the team lacked skill in the latter part of the field. The Netherlands watched with a smile, now unbeaten in nineteen matches and confident of facing Argentina in the quarter-finals.

If he chooses excel L’Equipe As for Dumfries, who fulfilled his role perfectly as a right flank ‘presser’, according to the paper. Dumfries stood out particularly offensively by providing an assist to both Depay and Blind and also scored a goal himself. The Inter defender kept bouncing back and forth in the right lane throughout the game.

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