'Indescribable things fly in the air'

‘Indescribable things fly in the air’

Some firmly believe in the existence of UFOs, while others call this a conspiracy theory. After all, extraterrestrial life remains an exciting topic. Former President Barack Obama says the United States has no aliens and spaceships in laboratories. But indescribable objects fly in the sky.

Barack Obama talked about the magical phenomenon of UFOs This week reveals itself. He was a guest on the broadcast Late Late Show Presented by James Gordon. The former president appeared here in a video call with presenter Gordon and further said about the existence of the spacecraft. UFO refers to unidentified flying objects and is often associated with aliens. The Internet is full of conspiracy theories about foreign goods. There are also plenty of videos of UFO Spotters on YouTube.

Sign of life on Venus (although it is a microbe in a cloud)

Obama on UFOs and unexplained objects

Gordon asks Obama about this topic on the broadcast. The former president initially jokes about the presence of aliens in American labs. According to him, it turns out that is not true. “The truth is, I asked when I became president. Do we have a laboratory with aliens and spacecraft? ”The other guests on the show laugh out loud at the former president’s mocking tone. “They did a little research. But there is no answer, ”Obama said.

However, the former president also keeps a section about UFOs a mystery. “The truth is, now I’m serious, there are records of objects in the sky. We do not know what they are. We can not explain it. How they move, their trend. There is no way to explain them,” Obama said.

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American warplane revelations about UFOs

A few days ago, two American fighter pilots shared their experience with the Unidentified Aerial Event (UAP). In recent years they have seen something indescribable “every day” off the coast of Virginia. The fighter pilots captured this on video. In an interview with Current Affairs Project 60 minutes One of the pilots tells his story. In 2017, several videos of UFOs were leaked and written The New York Times about this. Next month, Congress will release unclassified reports on UFOs.

As for an American airline, you have to weigh yourself first

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Obama talks about UFOs: ‘Indescribable objects fly in the sky’

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