'I think it will be good'

‘I think it will be good’

With the cancellation of the Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1 will have to look for a new place in October. According to various media outlets, the Circuit of the Americas is one of the main candidates for the vacant seat, although tour leader Bobby Epstein was surprised. Nevertheless, he sees an extra race.

Epstein did not see the rumor last week. “It was a complete surprise to hear it and read it in the papers.” Explained in conversation with Epstein Razor From. “If this had been our intention, we would have been prepared for incoming questions and calls and requests for tickets and sellers, and rental companies with questions for everyone about what is going on.”

The leader has been in talks with Formula 1 in recent weeks, but they have been informed about the extra race. Epstein was only asked if the path to the second race would be opened. “We’ve talked since then, but not really on that topic because I do not think they are ready to discuss it. I feel like they have their hands full.” Epstein said watching the extra race. “If it’s good for the game, we’ll do our best. I think it’s good.

Second US GPS

This season, the U.S. GP So there may be a race. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway also came as an opportunity in recent days.

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