Ice hockey fan saves opponent's life by warning from behind plexiglass |  Instagram

Ice hockey fan saves opponent’s life by warning from behind plexiglass | Instagram

videoVancouver Canucks coach Brian Hamilton was surprised when he looked at the opposing team’s fan behind the thick glass. An NHL hockey game against the Seattle Kraken was in full swing, but Nadia Popovici held her cell phone to the window. “A mole on your neck could be cancerous. Please see a doctor,” Hamilton read in capital letters.

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That was on October 23. Turns out the woman was right. Something Hamilton, one of the people responsible for all the equipment of the top North American ice hockey team at the Vancouver Canucks, is not yet known. I was shocked,” he said in the local media, but I also shrugged my shoulders and got on with my work. ”After all, the match was still going on. There was lullaby and scratching of sleds. It was exciting.

22-year-old Nadia has been a fan of Kraken for quite some time. In October I got some nice seats, right behind the opponent’s sofa and close to the ice. Canucks coaches and players constantly work through its image. Hamilton is also always busy with water bottles, gloves and ice hockey sticks for the players. The young woman has just graduated and plans to study medicine. She has already done a lot of volunteer work in hospitals, including the oncology department.

Seattle Kraken cheerleader Nadia Popovici poses for Vancouver Canucks manager Brian Hamilton during a National Hockey League game Jan. 1 in Seattle. In October, sitting in the same spot, she warned Hamilton that he had a mole on his neck. © AP

“Wow, textbook example”

Nadia watches the race and then becomes increasingly interested in Hamilton’s neck. “I saw his mother-in-law and thought, Wow, this is a scriptural example of what skin cancer looks like,” she says. She wants to warn Hamilton, who has worked for the Canucks for nearly 20 years, but how? The manager is busy at work and there is a lot of noise. The woman fails to get his attention until she comes up with the trick with her phone.

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Hamilton is still amazed that Nadia was actually able to spot the birthmark on her neck in all the hustle and bustle. He didn’t even know it existed. “This is unbelievable. The spot wasn’t that big. I was wearing a jacket. I had a radio on my back with all kinds of wires that obstructed my vision as well.”

Back in Vancouver, Hamilton checked out the mole. It turned out to be skin cancer. He removed it and fortunately the skin around it turned out to be clean. Doctors told the director that a mole could become life-threatening within a few years. “Fortunately, it was still superficial, because I picked it up quickly,” he says. Hamilton was relieved. At the same time, he felt guilty for not giving Nadia the attention she clearly deserved during the match. “She should have known.”

Nadia Popovici standing with the text she typed on her cell phone.
Nadia Popovici standing with the text she typed on her cell phone. © AP

viral message

Hamilton wrote a message that his team posted on Twitter. I am looking for a woman. you changed my life. I want to find her to say: Thank you very much! The message spread widely and Nadia was found within an hour. I learned about it after working in a helpline during the new years.

Continue reading below the tweet.

On January 2, the Seattle Kraken played again against the Vancouver Canucks. And while the Vancouver team won 5-2, that wasn’t the most important thing that evening. Before the match, Nadia met the man who saved his life. They talked and Hamilton thanked her and hugged her. “The most important win of the evening,” Kanucks wrote on Twitter.

“It was really nice to see him and talk to him and his family,” says Nadia. “Imagine you are at work and someone looks at you and says, ‘Hey, maybe you should see a doctor.’ Now I can hear from him how he tested it.”

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She received a warm welcome from the audience in the middle of the first half of the match. Both hockey clubs together donated $10,000 to help her with her medical studies. Hamilton: I understand that I am part of this story, but she should have known that it was the story. I did this. You saved a life.”

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