Why discovering new music is incredibly beneficial for health

Why discovering new music is incredibly beneficial for health

Is listening to new music healthy? If you ask a group of researchers from America, yes! Discover that discovering new artists and songs can greatly benefit your health. So it’s time (temporarily) to say goodbye to this artist and start looking for a new favourite.

Hear, hear: This musical hobby has also been shown to be very beneficial to your health.

Healthy new music? This is why you want to discover new artists so often

Those who use Spotify’s Discover Weekly list regularly, or who can spend hours browsing new CDs and LPs at their local music store, will be in for a treat. Discovering new music is not only a great hobby, but it is also very beneficial for your health. how is that possible? When listening to new music, a lot of dopamine, the chemical also called the happiness hormone, is released. Researchers from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered this in a small-scale study in which individuals were exposed to new music, after which the amount of dopamine in their bodies increased.

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This type of music works best against stress

Obviously, the musical genre plays a major role in this. Those who hate rock will produce less dopamine when listening to new rock songs than those who prefer going to a rock concert every night. The type you listen to also makes a big difference depending on the situation. For example, classical music makes your day more productive, and you take advantage of it while you exercise Playback time Music like pop or rock. Combine this perfect genre for every situation with a playlist full of new songs and your (dopamine-filled) day couldn’t get any better.

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source | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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