NFL Expands International Game Calendar for the 2022 Season

It comes as no surprise to see why the National Football League continues to push for an international expansion. More than just heading there, international interest in the sport has exponentially grown over the last decades. As a result, it simply makes sense to guarantee that all new fans have everything they need to enjoy it.

International coverage has been a number one priority for many broadcasting enterprises. Yet, the NFL continues to push the boundaries and now they have just announced their new international game calendar. From online casino offers to sportsbooks and all participants in the gaming industry, this is a striking move that might shift some attention to American Football overseas.

NFL’s New 2022 International Calendar¬†

With the recent interest in games played in England and Mexico over the last season, the NFL is seeking to expand once again. With the pandemic, many of their plans ceased. Now, the league is up and running to get every detail on the line polished and in top shape to have multiple games abroad.

The league officially announced its new international schedule and it looks strong. The first shocking appearance comes from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who will be all set to play at FC Bayern Munich Stadium in Munich, Germany.

With Tom Brady heading back to Tampa Bay, it appears that recent interests from the European market have made a shift to let the Buccaneers feature for the very first time in Germany. More than that, it will be Tampa Bay’s first time, overall, playing overseas.

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The Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints are ready to head back to the U.K. and play at Tottenham Stadium in London. According to league officials, the interest in American Football in the U.K. is evident and the two games make sense.

Some U.K. fans have also stated that more games would be welcomed. For the league, it’s a large effort to bring back regular-season games to Europe. Yet, with two on their way to the U.K., European fans can be sure they have quickly become a top alternative for the NFL.

Finally, the Arizona Cardinals will once again hit the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and play a home match on Mexican grounds. The league’s success in Mexico has also helped to confirm an additional international game at the Coloso de Santa Ursula, or the Mighty Estadio Azteca as it is referred to in Spanish.

With five regular-season games on the way, international fans can now opt for more alternatives to watch and enjoy an American Football game abroad.

NFL’s Growing Interest in the International Market¬†

American Football is not the number one sport in the world. Although the Super Bowl has generated great interest from even some of the most remote locations the league could have never anticipated, there is still much to do to expand football in the international world of sports.

For the league, broadcasting contracts have become a priority. American Football games can be watched from all over the world. With live streaming, the league has also tackled those locations with insufficient broadcasting network coverage.

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Yet, with international games, the league is taking its expansion strategy a step beyond. BY offering live games at international venues, the NFL is now opening the live show to users who would otherwise not be able to enjoy a game.

With post-pandemic times striking our current world, it would have been hard to envision a strategy like a league is currently supporting. However, with new markets to explore, there is always the potential for expansion.

According to league officials, it’s exciting to know that the league is set to hit countries like Germany for the very first time. To most officials, this is just the beginning and there is a side of the league that is begging to explore what other locations could be approached by the league in the near future.

With more games expected to be played internationally, the league is now aiming to keep up with its expansion strategy. To expect, it just makes sense. To the league, although challenging in terms of logistics and negotiations, the world is now open to enjoying more of what American Football has to offer.

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