'I think something will come from South America'

‘I think something will come from South America’

Freak Johnson expects some changes in Ajax’s selection this winter. Journalist gives Grab Scale Podcast People at the club were not satisfied with the first half of the season, so transfer-wise some things will happen in Amsterdam. He talks about inbound and outbound transfers.

“I think Kurdu is leaving and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kudus goes. He wants to go to England and there is a lot of interest from there. You have to take the full prize for that now,’ opens Johnson. ‘I think Kudus is a great footballer, but he doesn’t have the right level for Ajax. He’s not the ten you’re waiting for, right and he’s not in a hurry.’

Vodball International’s journalist directly advises the national champion’s policy makers if Kudus leaves. ‘As soon as the forty million is deposited, I will go to Jiech as weather in your communications and strike at once. Then you immediately solve the problem on the front right.

The Ajax watcher sees a position where the record champions could use reinforcements in the long run. ‘A keeper, but not necessarily someone who is there immediately. Courter is 22 and wants to be hired to gain experience elsewhere. They have a whole list of keepers, and Nobert is on it. At some point there must be a keeper with whom you can progress for the time being.’

Reinforcements from South America

Finally, Johnson expects another surprise. ‘I think something will come from South America. Huntelaar has been there, Veldmade has been there often and van der Zee too. They have made discoveries there and South Americans as a whole are very happy. You want to get it in January because it will be available next season.

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