huh?  Hilary Duff is linked to Queen Elizabeth

huh? Hilary Duff is linked to Queen Elizabeth

We know Hilary Duff Of course all if Lizzie McGuirebut did you know that the actress is also known asAmerica’s most famous celebrityThe actress is actually a distant relative of the House of Windsor? Yes, really!

royal celebrity

In 2012 (!) It was already brought up by – which opened an investigation into the most royal celebrity in America – that the popular actress was at the time the most closely associated American celebrity with her Queen Elizabeth.


The research revealed that the ancestor of the actress, Alexander Spotswood (1676-1740), was an officer in the British army. This Alexander turns out to have also been Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and the tenth great-grandson of King Edward III (1312 – 1377).

But it doesn’t stop there! The actress is also a descendant of Catherine Carr, a woman many historians believe was the illegitimate daughter of former UK King Henry VIII (1491 – 1547).

closest relatives

This means that Hilary Duff is “Queen Elizabeth’s 18th-degree niece” and so is Brooke Shields Brothers Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal (The Nineteenth Degree) are off “The Throne.” And if you think so, there are few listeners who could be described as “close relatives” of King Charles. That’s how it is Paris HiltonBeyonce Brad PittAnd Ellen DeGeneres and Alec Baldwin are on the list.

“In fact, these are all the people the Queen should ask for at the upcoming family reunion,” genealogist Josh Taylor, who analyzed the data from the study, said at the time. “They are all related to her, even if they are distant relatives. We thought it would be interesting to see who actually has the closest relationship with the Queen.”

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Maybe Charles is for her too. Will we see Hollywood stars in a family meeting? never say never!

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