Minister van Volksgezondheid Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit): “Problemen met Johnson & Johnson in Amerika zorgen voor drie weken vertraging in onze vaccinatiecampagne”

Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook (Wurid): …

Distribution issues of the Johnson vaccine from the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson mean a “severe setback” to the vaccine campaign in our country. It may be delayed by three weeks. That’s what Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook (Wurid) said in “De Morgan”.

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“In the United States, mistakes were made in that factory. Then the US government decided to destroy the mixed vaccines. European governments later ruled that the products from that factory could have the same problem, currently under lock and key. It is now clear that they will certainly not be released,” said Health Minister Frank Vandenbrook. (Wurid) explains in “De Morgan”.

450,000 sizes only

This means that there is another severe delay in the vaccination campaign in our country. “We initially believed that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should be 1.4 million doses by the end of June. But we will only have 450,000 by the end of June. Said Wandenbrook.

He worries, Minister, but do not panic. “Even if we do not know what will be available to us in July, there is no reason. People who have not yet received the two-dose vaccine are at risk. They are vulnerable to the Indian variant. They may also be carriers and spreads of the virus.”

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