The government of Sint Maarten loses its majority after only seventeen days

The government of Sint Maarten loses its majority after only seventeen days

The new government of Sint Maarten, inaugurated on May 3, has already lost its majority. Which mentioned Local media on Monday evening. Parliamentarian Kevin Maingret, from the National Opportunity Wealth (NOW) party, decided to withdraw his support for the coalition led by Prime Minister Luc Merselina. He cited “lack of good leadership, lack of transparent dialogue, and inability to promote effective cooperation within the alliance” as reasons for this.

With Mainret’s departure, the coalition now has only seven seats out of fifteen in Parliament. He himself says he does not want new elections, so, shortly after his decision, the NOW member signed a coalition agreement with the opposition parties, the National Alliance (NA) and the United People’s Party (UP), parties that have controlled Sint Maarten for the past four years. . Years. He was previously a member of both parties. With his support, they obtain a majority of eight seats.

It has been difficult to form a government headed by Mercelina, who has been in power for only two weeks, in recent months. After elections in January, it took until May for four parties, including NOW, to reach an agreement. Two nominated ministers have not yet begun because the screening process has not yet been completed. It is not clear why the ministers did not pass the examination. Maingret also believes this is an example of “significant leadership and communication problems within the coalition.”

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