Guus and Frank travel to Philadelphia during Glory Days - Glory Days

Guus and Frank travel to Philadelphia during Glory Days – Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen travels through the United States with Frank Lammers Guess Meowis. They immerse themselves in his life and his work, which takes them to very different places.

Gus and Frank talk to Steven von Sand, the living legend of the E-Street band. They walk from the shores of Jersey to the streets of Philadelphia, where they meet old friends and make new ones.

E Street

Before Guus and Frank leave Jersey Beach, they drive through one of America’s most popular streets, then named E Street Band. The street was known because band members of The E Street Band often had to wait for David Sancius. On this well-known street Guz sees a very large guitar, which he naturally wants to photograph.


Steven von Sand

Frank gets excited when he gets a chance to talk to fascist Steven von Sand. Steven van Zandt has written a book and created an educational system called ‘TeachRock’. Von Sand Teachrock can provide education through music. After a show in Germany, a fan approached Steven about US policy on nuclear weapons. As a result of this conversation, Steven von Sand has become increasingly involved in politics.


In Philadelphia Frank and Guz meet Tony Stavola, Frank’s old acquaintance. Tony is an actor, but he also has his own band called ‘Cinder Bar’. Here Tony, Frank and Guz Bruce talk about the life of Springsteen and America.

Frank Lammers & Guess Meowis
Frank Lammers & Guess Meowis
Frank Lammers & Guess Meowis

Frank and Guz not only meet old acquaintances in Philadelphia, but also make new friends. They go to Wall Shiveli’s record store, where they buy each other a record. Val Shiveli started collecting vinyl at the age of 12. Eventually, his collection grew into one of the largest record stores in the world. Of course Guus Meeuwis can’t leave Glory Days LP and will take it home.

Broadcast on NPO 3 on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 8.25pm!

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