Grand Prix mare Haute Couture by Dinja van Liere sold to the United States

Grand Prix mare Haute Couture by Dinja van Liere sold to the United States

Bleeding for the Dutch Dressage Game: Sale of More Hot Coach. His breeders and owners, Joop von Uydert and Albert Trost, sold Conneiser’s nine-year-old daughter to the United States. Hot coach Tincha made a wonderful mix with Van Leer. They were the best Dutch mix at the European Dressage Championships in The Hague last summer and traveled as a reserve mix for the Olympics in Tokyo.

15th in the Grand Prix (74.208%), 9th in the Special (75.699%) and 10th in the Freestyle (79.668%), was the best Dutch mix at the European Championships in Tincha von Lear Hagen. It was after a lightning career at their inaugural Grand Prix in January this year.
After CHIO Rotterdam, it became clear that Dinja could not go to the Olympics with Stallion Hermes. He traveled with the hot coach to Tokyo as a reserve. “In Tokyo we had a kind of training camp with Alex van Silhouette and my coach Ricky Young. There we trained hard for fourteen days. In Tokyo I went ahead with the Haute Couture and here you can see it at the European Championships,” said Hagen Dina.

Sales have been under discussion for some time due to the unprecedented success of Dinja and Haute Couture. American athlete Catherine Batson-Chandler will be riding the Mara in view of next year’s World Championships in Denmark. Raised by hot coach Albert Trost and Jup von Uydert.
There is also good news: Hermes, Dinza’s other best horse currently ranked 18th in the world, will be kept for him until the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Owner Jup van Uydert has discovered the co-owner of EasyCam’s son, the investor.

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Photos: Haute Couture, Dinja van Liere and Albert Drost during the European Championships in The Hague (

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