Johnson helps Monterrey advance to Champions League semi-finals

Vincent Johnson had a share in his club’s first two wins.

Thanks a bit Vincent Johnson Owns the Mexican Football Club Montreal The Champions League of the Congo advanced to the semi-finals of the North and Central America and the Caribbean Federation. The Dutch attacking team beat American club Columbus Grove 3-0. The first game ended 2-2 last week.

Johnson, a former striker for Almier City FC, AZ, Tottenham Hotspur and Fenerbahce, was instrumental in his club’s first two wins. In the third minute, he forced Dutch goalkeeper Eloi Room (formerly NEC and former Witsey) into hard storage with a low cross, after which Maximiliano Mesa regenerated. In the 26th minute, Johnson won an air fight, after which he entered with Mesa. Argentina took it 2-0 effectively. Miguel Lyon ended the game in the 71st minute.

Cruz from Mexico plays Monteri in the semifinals against Azul. Both games will take place in August and September. Johnson signed a 5-year deal with Monterrey in 2019. Played seventeen times for Orange.

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