Gijs Staverman considered the introduction of a paused radio: "It was in a dead end" |  right Now

Gijs Staverman considered the introduction of a paused radio: “It was in a dead end” | right Now

His program transmission Gijs 2.0.0 update He confirmed on NPO Radio 2 that DJ Gijs Staverman canceled his plans to leave the radio for a while, says DJ on his podcast This was the radio. Eight years later Gijs 2.0.0 update Between 12:00 and 14:00, he no longer knew how to follow his program. He wanted to take a radio break to think about his career.

Stafferman, 55, says he is “very happy” now that he can get his show in the afternoon. The DJ will take over the program from Rob Stenders, who left for Veronica Radio, between 14:00 and 16:00. He thinks it is a “great honor” to be able to make his offer at that time.

According to Radio DJ, people listen to the radio a lot during those hours. “And I can think of a program from the beginning, so I like that.”

The move came at just the right time for Strawman. He found himself in a dead end with the past year Gijs 2.0.0 update. “We did pretty much everything we wanted to do.” That’s why he considered a DJ to leave the radio for a while after thirty years, although that would be a big step for him.

“Radio is the only thing I can really do,” he says. In the past, Stafferman has also presented TV shows. For sponsors This was the radio He says there were plans long ago to make a TV show about adoptive children. The presenter himself has two. He considered using his wireless silence to develop those plans.

The first broadcast of the new Staverman program will be on May 10. The show continues Gijs 2.4.2 update call. And he promised that there was also room for humor in the program. He likes stand-up and cabaret and wants attention to that. Staverman especially wants to have a lot of fun on the radio, because “it’s been so hard lately.”

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