The Weeknd Provides Meals for Hospital Staff |  Entertainment

The Weeknd Provides Meals for Hospital Staff | Entertainment

The singer ordered 150 meals from Mama’s Southern Soul Food in Tampa, which are run by blacks, and delivered to a local hospital. These reports TMZ. The Weeknd wanted to express its appreciation for all the work the employees do, especially in Florida where coronavirus infections are still high.

The Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in America and takes place on February 7 this year. Due to the Coronavirus, certain things will be done differently than usual, however weekend He looks forward to his performance and has spent up to 5 million euros of his own money to make it a great show. “Everyone grew up with Super Bowl, so being able to perform here now is a dream come true. I am honored and grateful to have this opportunity.”

Super Bowl can be watched live Sunday from 4 PM on ESPN. The event, which plays the Football League Final, is one of the most popular television events in America every year. This year, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will compete.

Because The Weeknd stood out among others BeyonceAnd MadonnaAnd Bruce SpringsteenAnd Bad playAnd U2And Lady Gaga in a Michael Jackson On stage in the Super Bowl.

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