Galapagos in rebound in rising stock market |  Financial

Galapagos in rebound in rising stock market | Financial

At around 4 PM, the AEX was up 0.3% at 687.4 points. The AMX index rose 0.5 percent to 1,018.3 points. Price tags in London (-0.2%), Paris (-0.2%) and Frankfurt (-0.2%) are colored red.

According to asset manager Renco van Schie (Valuedge), the mood among investors remains positive. “There is no negative news at this time. The aura relaxation measures are just starting to appear.”

Van Schie also sees strong economic improvements that contribute to the festive mood at exhibitions. “Nearly 90% of all companies that report fourth-quarter earnings numbers exceed analysts’ expectations. Most CEOs also dare to come up with prospects, which is a clear sign of confidence in the future. The increase in earnings expectations supports the rise in stock value in recent months, and from Our view shows that there is still a strong correlation between the economy and the stock market The major indicators of the global economy are improving as well, while the picture in the labor markets is also becoming more positive.

The asset manager expects the equity markets to continue to rally for another two to three months. “Then it could get even more dangerous for stocks,” Fan Shi warns. It has already turned negative on bonds due to high inflation.

US stock markets started up over 0.3% this afternoon. On Monday, Wall Street remained closed for President’s Day.

In Asia, it was time to party again this morning on the Japan Stock Exchange. The Nikkei rose 1.3 percent, after closing above 30,000 for the first time in several decades on Monday.

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This morning it was announced that the Dutch economy contracted by 0.1% in the fourth quarter. The lockdown threatens to shrink for the quarter as well, which could lead to a recession.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his ministers are discussing easing plans this week. Other countries are not far away.

In AEX Galapagos In the lead. The biotech company was able to convert a loss of approximately 3% into an increase of 2.8%. The Galapagos Islands had fallen sharply in recent trading days in response to a halt in developing a drug for serious lung diseases.

Payment service provider Convicted 2.6% wins. DSM It will be worth 2.5% more. The food and healthcare supplier posted better-than-expected quarterly numbers that are positive for the year.

Investors are converting ASML 0.6% higher. The chip machine manufacturer has now become the most valuable technology company in Europe.

Retail Real Estate Fund Unibail (-1.5%) and the Banking Group ABN Amro (-1.5%) The biggest losers among the major funds.

Technical investor Positives It drops 1.1%. Its participation Deliveroo reportedly wants to go to the London Stock Exchange next month. competitor Just eat takeaway It yields 0.4%.

Technology company stands at AMX TKH With a gain of 3.2% at the lead. C series Basic fit Followed by an increase of 2.9%.

KLM Air France It decreases 0.2%. The target price for German investment bank Bernstein is 1 euro for the Aviation Group.

SmallcapFonds Heijmans He wins by 2.9%. On Monday, the construction company surged after a positive report from ING.

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