Turning: The United States waives sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline

Turning: The United States waives sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline

Nord Stream 2 will transport gas from the Russian Arctic to Germany.Photo by Alexander Demjantsjuk / TASS

One of the few diplomatic points Biden would draw on was the same line drawn by his predecessor Donald Trump: opposition to a project to transport natural gas from the Russian Arctic to Germany. It will make the European Union very dependent on Russia. The interests were also economic in nature; The United States preferred to see Europe mainly buying American gas.

But the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced at a summit in Iceland yesterday that the sanctions imposed on the companies participating in the construction of the project have now been canceled. According to Blinken, these sanctions “are not in the interest of the United States.”

Relationship with Germany

Thus, the United States chooses the relationship with Germany. The Biden government is committed to strengthening ties with the European Union’s largest economy after being hit by its predecessor.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas praised the US move. He described it as “an expression of the fact that Germany is an important partner of the United States.”

The $ 9 billion pipeline is 95 percent complete and is expected to transport gas to Germany before the end of this year.

However, the United States imposed sanctions on four Russian ships, including the Akademik Chersky, which began laying portions of the pipeline in Danish waters in April. Washington has also imposed sanctions on five other Russian agencies, including the Maritime Rescue Service.

A gift to Putin

This shift comes in the internal criticism of Biden. In the US Congress, Republicans in particular are finding the procedures easier. Senator Jim Rich speaks of a “gift to Putin” that will only weaken the United States’ position in the run-up to Presidents Biden and Putin. But there is criticism from Biden’s party himself. According to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the United States should not sit idly by and watch the project’s completion. “We must use every option we have to avoid rounding off.”

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