UK rail traffic remains steady due to strike, escalation imminent

internationalJan 7 23:48author: Remy Cook

UK commuters are once again facing nationwide train strikes today, Bloomberg reports. Union leaders are still trying to organize a broader strike, with more professional groups going on strike to demand better wages.

Kings Cross station is virtually extinct in London. UK commuters are once again facing nationwide train strikes today, Bloomberg reports. (i-Images/eyevine)

On the fifth day of the train strike, only a few trains were running, which made the London financial district appear deserted during a normal working week. So today’s planned strike could have a significant impact on post-holiday sales for many UK retailers.

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In addition, talks with trade unions in the industrial sector appear to be progressing well today, as actions in this sector could begin in the coming weeks and months. This includes tens of thousands of public sector workers – such as teachers, firefighters and healthcare workers. Even recently trained doctors seem to want to join the strikes.


“We must maximize our leverage and unite anyone who may be involved in a labor dispute,” said Lynch, general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transportation Workers. “This includes teachers and I think the fire department will join us soon.”

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government has previously faced a wave of strikes that hampered public services and further hampered the economy, which is already said to be on a collision course with recession. Then the Royal Mail, the National Health Service, and border security, among others, all went out of business, because employees demanded higher salaries in order to better deal with inflation.

Doctors are on strike for 72 hours

It seems that British doctors also want to join the strike. Yesterday, a union representing newly graduated doctors threatened a possible 72-hour strike in March if members vote in favor. A similar mood awaits teachers in England and Wales, who will also resign.

Talks with the trains union continue Monday, but Lynch has been adamant about making a breakthrough. Unions are angry about government plans to allow a minimum number of workers to continue working during strikes.

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On the other hand, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was optimistic and called all trade union leaders for a meeting. Sunak said: “I am convinced that trade unions play a very important role in our society and that they are free to strike when they see fit.” “But I also think there has to be a balance so that working people can live their lives without too much disruption.”

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