Four movies about American football you should watch

Four movies about American football you should watch

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. This might make sense if you think about it yourself, of course. But as in football in the rest of the world, there is a lot of money involved. Take, for example, the annual Super Bowl, the final game of the season. Although it can sometimes be a difficult sport to understand for outsiders, we can certainly appreciate these movies about American football. As preparation for the Super Bowl.

Since this sport is very popular in the United States, most of the movies related to American football are mainly available there. For this VPN Chrome An extension in Chrome that should not be missing. This means that you can watch these movies anytime, anywhere. You connect to a server abroad and streaming services think you’re in another country. Useful if you want to bypass site-specific blocks. An added advantage is that a VPN also ensures that you don’t have to worry about your data being intercepted or hacked.

1) Concussion (IMDb: 7.1)

Let’s start right away with an intense film based on a true story. Dr. Bennet Omalu makes a discovery that could save lives: chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Trauma to the brain seems to mainly affect American football players. The main reason is the violent blows that men have to deal with which slowly destroys the brain. Calm men turn into aggressive men who go crazy because of the pain in their heads.

Although Bennett – played by Will Smith – wants to bring this up with the NFL, there are of course business interests as well. There are even attempts to return the doctor to his native country so as not to jeopardize the survival of this sport. concussion Proof that money trumps health sometimes. No matter how hard it sounds.

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2) The Blind Side (IMDb: 7,6)

If you need a good dose of emotion, then… The hidden side the answer. This is proof that movies about American football can be tear-jerking, and that Sandra Bullock can also play cute roles. Her character Lee Anne decides to take poor Michael home. This is initially for one night, but of course it doesn’t stop there. The family helps Michael develop himself and build his future, but above all introduces him to their favorite sport: American football. Something the boy turned out to have a surprising amount of talent at.

3) Leatherheads (IMDb: 6.0)

Then go back in time with Leatherheads, named after the famous “helmets” worn by players in 1925. No, don’t skip it, it’s not a historical drama, but more of a romantic comedy inspired by American football – otherwise it wouldn’t fit on the list, of course. . The lead actors George Clooney, Renée Zellweger, and John Krasinski form a kind of love triangle that, of course, can only end badly. The proof is that movies about American football can take all possible forms. Although it may not seem like it at first, you can still learn a lot from this sport Leatherheads. But in a way that your girlfriend would also want to watch it.

4) Rudy (IMDb: 7.5)

Maybe a while ago, but Rudy From 1993 is a movie that will make a lot of grown men cry. What’s more, it’s still regularly referenced in series today, so consider it a must-see classic. Only because the main role is played by Sean Astin, Sam from Lord of the rings-Trilogy. Rudy dreams of attending the University of Notre Dame when he grows up, but no one seems to believe in him. The true story is proof that you should never give up and keep following your dreams. That’s it Rudy Perhaps the best on this list of films about American football. Because it’s about so much more than that.

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