Watch the Jason Bourne 2020 movie with subtitles, EgyBest

Watch the Jason Bourne 2020 movie with subtitles, EgyBest

The series will be on Amazon Prime.

In 2020, we will see a spin-off of the Jason Bourne films on Amazon Prime. The series can be watched in the US starting tomorrow and can be viewed on USA Networks, but the international release will have to wait a while. Until January 2020 to be exact.

Amazon Prime has purchased the global streaming rights from USA Networks and will put the series online in January. The show takes a look at the Treadstone Program where Jason Bourne learned his extremely deadly skills and follows other spies. In the series, we see how the program is created and also how some of the spies are trained in the program.

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Jason Bourne
The franchise was created by Robert Ludlum, who has written several books about Jason Bourne. In 2002, the series was successfully adapted into a film starring Matt Damon. In 2007 he had already completed a trilogy consisting of Lord Bourne in Bourne alert. They then tried to revive the franchise with a spin-off Inherited goal, but this film was not very well received. Damon returned as Jason Bourne in 2016.

Now there’s talk of another new movie, but in the meantime there’s at least this series to look forward to! In January 2020 on Amazon Prime.

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