King on Princess Laurentian’s conflict with the Ministry: ‘I leave my emotions with them’ |  RTL News

King on Princess Laurentian’s conflict with the Ministry: ‘I leave my emotions with them’ | RTL News

Last week, there was a buzz about the Equal Recovery Foundation (SGH), pioneered by Laurentian, to speed up the response to the benefits scandal. This method is supposed to help affected parents faster and more effectively, but it also costs a lot of extra money.

The outgoing government still sees problems in the institution’s method of compensating those affected by the childcare allowance scandal. In order to keep the results of this method reproducible and interpretable, adjustments are necessary, says outgoing State Minister Okje de Vries (Benefits).

Video message

Prince Constantine’s wife replied In an emotional video message To discuss the work of her organization. “The noise is annoying and it affects us, it affects me and it also affects something fundamental,” the princess said. “Polarization, back-and-forth without facts, and leaving out important people. If there’s one thing we don’t stand for, this is it.”

“It is wonderful that people are committed and want to commit,” the king said this afternoon, describing the benefits issue as a “disgrace to society.”

Willem-Alexander did not want to comment further on the conflict. “I want to leave their reactions and emotions with them,” the king said. “The minister is ultimately responsible for implementing tort reform. I can imagine the minister looking at different approaches and then ultimately deciding the content of tort reform.”

Annual photo session

The royal family gathered today at Huis Ten Bosch Palace in The Hague for their annual summer photo shoot. Princesses Amalia, Alexia, Ariane and the dog Mambo were also in attendance. The two eldest princesses, like their parents, answered a number of press questions. For example, Alexia said that she has attended different universities, but she does not yet know what she will study.

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