Formula 1 is growing in the United States, but in Miami you may not notice it: ‘Horse racing?’

Formula 1 is growing in the United States, but in Miami you may not notice it: ‘Horse racing?’

Tom and Sarah Cape are coming to Miami from San Diego this weekend. This will be their first race. “I’m so excited to see the whole scene in real life for the first time,” Sarah says. She became addicted to Formula 1 by her husband, who started a new series called ‘Drive to Survive’ four years ago. Since then, Caps have been real fans. Tom: “I think Formula 1 is more attractive than Nasser.” “Very elegant,” Sarah adds.

Netflix series Drive to surviveSeasons 5 & 6 were announced in Miami, changing the American view of Formula 1. The producers were able to turn Motorsport’s first class into a drama series that even Americans could watch and enjoy.

This brought a new fan base to the game and the preference for more racing in the United States grew steadily. Although it is still difficult to explain to Americans that you sometimes have to slow down to succeed.

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However, the growing popularity is evident from the immense interest in racing this weekend. All tickets are sold out. The prices to pay for a day or weekend in the neighborhood are also not cheap. VIP packages require a deposit of up to ten thousand dollars per person; Then you can enter the round. Hotels, travel and other necessities are not included there.

About 300,000 fans are expected to be on track during the F1 celebration. According to the local government, their spending will be higher than the Super Bowl’s turnover in 2020 and the annual Art Basel Festival. Hotels in the city charge a ton per night for their best rooms, and chefs in the area can dine on special F1 dinners for as little as $ 3,000.

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It is clear that big employers and hotel owners in Miami will receive significant financial incentives from this weekend. It’s very unlikely that Miami’s ‘ordinary’ residents will look back on anything from the millions of circuses.

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