The abortion debate blows from the United States to the Netherlands

The abortion debate blows from the United States to the Netherlands


News My Temple, Sharwakter tells his first reaction to the news coming from America. “At the first event I was very shocked. I could not imagine what it would be like for Americans who want to have an abortion, and will not be able to access it anytime soon. We have recently made progress in this field in the Netherlands. I promise feminism. Abortion law is something you’ve nurtured, so it’s guaranteed. We are all entitled. It has come back in line after a long struggle in the past.

What about the growing debate in the Netherlands? “On the one hand you see political progress in the Netherlands, but on the other hand you see the anti-abortion lobby growing stronger and stronger in the Netherlands. You see more and more anti-abortion opponents harassing visitors in abortion clinics.” They are two different forces. They are allowed to do that, but I’m worried about this development. ”

Loose screws

Sharwakter explains what effect the debate in the United States has had on the Netherlands. “What is happening in the United States is far from clear, but the links between the anti-abortion movement and the Netherlands are strong, and there is money behind it. There is money behind it. Like the United States, an influential and powerful country will take this step, not just the Netherlands. It’s really going to have great consequences everywhere. I’m very worried about that. ”

As a result of this phenomenon, the notion that abortion is a human right is increasingly being questioned in the United States, says Sharwakter. “Sexual liberty and health are simply a human right. I think it’s very important to maintain equality. Of course there is a lot of gender inequality in this. After all, they are women, non-binary and trans people. That, in itself, increases gender inequality. Of course I want it to be as small as possible, not a priority. “

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