The United States helped Ukraine sink Moscow

The United States helped Ukraine sink Moscow

The Russian warship Moscow sank last month in a missile attack in Ukraine, thanks to US intelligence. NBC News makes that revelation, citing sources in the Biden administration. “It is easy to imagine that Ukraine did not do it alone, except in arms, and receiving intelligence from the West and the Americans and the British,” says correspondent Floris Ackerman.

Sources say that the Ukrainian armed forces had asked the Americans for information about a “ship in the Black Sea” shortly before the incident with the Russian headquarters in the middle of last month. Later intelligence informed Ukraine that it was Moscow. The Americans also helped to locate the exact location of the ship.

According to sources, the US military is unaware of Ukraine’s plan to attack the 186-meter-long ship with missiles. Sources said the intelligence was being shared only to help Ukraine defend itself against attacks by Russian ships.

It is not yet certain whether the ship was hit by Ukrainian missiles. The United States has previously said it believes this. Russia says the ship capsized due to sparks from the explosion.

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The revelation from the American news channel comes a day after The Comparative Report of The New York Times. The US newspaper reports that Ukraine killed Russian generals thanks to US intelligence. The Biden administration has reportedly tried to keep this a secret, as US aid could be seen as escalating the conflict in the Kremlin’s Ukraine.

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