For the first time a Turk goes into space, where he will be launched in January

For the first time a Turk goes into space, where he will be launched in January

Geziravci is a fighter pilot in the Turkish Air Force with more than seven years of flying experience. According to the commercial space company Axiom Space, which is organizing the space mission, Gezeravci is proud and looking forward to the flight.

Travel companions

Gezeravci’s three traveling companions were the American Michael Lopez Alegria, the Italian Walter Velade, and the Swede Markus Wandt.

Veladi had already gone to the edge of the atmosphere last June with space company Virgin Galactic, in preparation for his mission to the International Space Station. Wandt is part of the latest group of European astronauts introduced by the European Space Agency last year. He is the first of seventeen people selected by the European Space Agency to go into space.

Next year

The mission is being carried out by the commercial spaceflight company Axiom Space. The company itself calls it the first “fully European commercial space mission.”

The four astronauts had to undergo intensive training for several months to participate in the space mission. During this training they learned how to live and work in space.

It will take some time before the quad goes into space. The launch will be in January at the earliest.

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