Experts fear a prolonged Hollywood strike: all hope is gone

Experts fear a prolonged Hollywood strike: all hope is gone

Hollywood screenwriters went on strike last Tuesday. The Writers Guild had been negotiating for weeks with studios and streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, NBC and Sony over salaries and terms, but could not reach an agreement. The producers, United in Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance (AMPTP), said they made a “generous offer”, but it was not enough for the WGA’s 11,500 members.

It’s the first time in fifteen years that the screenwriters have collectively struck out. Major film and television productions will be halted if the strike prevents new scripts from being written and adapted to scripts for titles already in production.

Several of the night’s shows, including those of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, were already affected by the strike last week. It was also announced that a number of series would likely run into trouble from the strike, much like Marvel’s code, recordings that will start soon. The Writers’ Syndicate said earlier this week that the writers are unanimous in their goals and do not plan to end the strike anytime soon.

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