Evelyn is diligent despite her illness: her cake toppers go around the world

Evelyn is diligent despite her illness: her cake toppers go around the world

He has gained many international customers, especially through Etsy, an online site aimed at handmade products. “More than fifty percent of my products go to the United States, Australia, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom,” says Evelyn, now 42.

Her cake toppers are also sold in a store in the United States: “I’m making all kinds of cake toppers out of dragons, too. It’s hard to get them. An acquaintance has a shop there that is in high demand for those kinds of special fantasies.

Lots of energy

Her world collapsed when Evelyn was told she was MS. “I wanted to start a process to become a technical manager, but I never succeeded,” he says. Doctors predict he will be in a wheelchair permanently for a year. “Fortunately that did not happen. I was able to swim and walk again with a physiotherapist. Now I can do a lot, but I often have pain, and it all costs me a lot of energy.”

Some options

Initially Evelyn was busy with her health, but once she regained it, she wanted to go back to work. “I do not belong to the genre of sitting still and designing and selling products. It was my childhood dream. So I was so happy and grateful that I was able to do this, especially since I had very few options for other things. At home I could arrange my own day and set a rhythm. , I can handle it. “

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