Esmée van Kampen, Isa Hoes and Winonah de Jong in bikini on the cover of LINDA.

Esmée van Kampen, Isa Hoes and Winonah de Jong in bikini on the cover of LINDA.

Whoever says ‘A’ must also have ‘B’. body confidence Linda said. That’s why the magazine Linda. This summer not one, but three beautiful women wearing swimwear on the cover “which shows that women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they are all beautiful.”

According to Linda, it’s important to keep spreading this message and women shouldn’t be private when taking another holiday photo of themselves. “It worked so well for me last year. By honestly sharing my concerns with you and writing that it doesn’t make sense of course, I felt more comfortable in my own skin all summer,” the TV queen wrote in her introduction.

“My first reaction was: Help, say no. And immediately afterwards I answered yes, that’s exactly why. I think I’m at an age where I should express myself more,” Issa told the magazine about the importance of photography. According to the actress, it shouldn’t be too special for someone like Miljuschka Witzenhausen to share honest photos of herself. “Let’s allow each other to be happy with our bodies and talk about the strict standards we impose on each other so we can change them.”

Esmée completely agrees: “I will soon receive feedback from women who consider themselves too heavy: ‘It’s so cool that you’re doing this, I haven’t dared to go to the beach in a bikini for years. “I feel sorry for them, you miss out on so much in the world when you let other people’s judgments guide you.”

Winona also hopes there will be women who recognize themselves in her: “When I was young, there was almost no role model. I’ve rarely seen a woman like me in the media, not even in terms of skin tone. I only realize now I miss what it was actually (…) Let’s celebrate how beautiful we are. Someone like Esmée, who feels comfortable with himself, is an example for other women.”

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You can read the full interviews from Wednesday, July 21 in the new Linda. August number.

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