Will the baby Laila receive a royal baptism?

Will the baby Laila receive a royal baptism?

Will the baby Laila receive a royal baptism?

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Will the baby Laila receive a royal baptism?

According to experts, Harry and Meghan want to baptize their daughter in Windsor.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s daughter will certainly not have a traditional royal upbringing, but the Sussex family makes an exception for Lily’s baptism.

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Baby Lily is now about two months old, and reports indicate that preparations for her christening are in full swing. According to experts, Kings and insiders Harry and Meghan want to travel to the UK with their two kids to celebrate smallest bud To be baptized in the presence of the Queen.

“Harry has already told several people that he wants to christen Lillibit in Windsor,” a source for daily Mail. There the royal children can have everything that tradition dictates: wearing the christening gown that has been in the family for many years, baptizing by the Archbishop of Canterbury with water from the silver bowl (appropriate!) lily calligraphy And of course the presence of His Majesty.


Surprisingly, Harry and Meghan are aiming for a royal baptism, while in the past year they have mainly focused on building a new life far from the a company.

According to the British media, such a traditional ceremony is simply necessary for Lily if she wants to secure her place in the line of succession to the throne. Only when she officially belongs to the Anglican Church can she join the waiting list. After that, Lily became No. 8 and pushed the already repudiated Great Uncle Prince Andrew to No. 9. But what value do the Sussexes place on that spot if they’re right? Addresses And they want to pass the royal duties on to their children?

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Royalty experts speculate that another saving grace is that with the christening Harry and Meg simply want to show the world that they are still on good terms with the Queen and the rest of the family. It would be a great opportunity to introduce Lily to her nieces and nephews. In addition, the press is always absent during a Royal Baptism, so that in this case the family does not have to rely on voyeurs.

Wait a minute

Do we already know when the potential reunification will take place? “[Harry en Meghan] Willing to wait until conditions allow for such a big party.” from the inside. Although Archie was christened only two months later, the event Sometimes you wait almost half a year. no rush!

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