Dutch moon art gives victims of climate crisis a face

Dutch moon art gives victims of climate crisis a face

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Two works by artist Bram Reinders traveled with the US Odysseus lander and reached the moon last night. The artworks are part of the Faces of Climate Change project, a project that attempts to give a face to people suffering from climate change.

“I've never experienced this before,” the Dutch artist replies. His work, along with those of about 200 other artists, is on a slide aboard the ship Odysseus. Reynders calls it a kind of Noah's Ark.

Physical artwork by American artist Jeff Koons is also included. This work, called Phases of the Moon, consists of 125 small moons in different phases, from new to full. Each ball is engraved with the name of an artist, philosopher or scientist, from Aristotle to Leonardo da Vinci and David Bowie.

A time capsule of humanity

It's all part of a time capsule that stores important knowledge and information about humanity. He will likely be able to stay on the moon for a longer period without any problems, because there are no winds on the moon. Even the footprints and tracks of lunar modules remain clearly visible.

Artist about the project:

This Dutchman's work is now also on the moon

The time capsule contains an estimated 180 tons of man-made items, ranging from spacecraft parts to American flags and golf balls.

Warhol twice

The story goes that two years ago, in 1969, a work of art went to the moon. It was said to be a small ceramic tile on which six artists had drawn a sketch. This “Moon Museum” was designed by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and others. Warhol is also one of the artists whose name was engraved on the moon by Jeff Koons, making him on the moon twice.

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