Dutch first author takes on masculine America

Dutch first author takes on masculine America

Can you make it as an unknown Dutch writer in America? Writer Machiel Hoag (49) takes up the challenge. He brings out his (spiritual) first novel ‘The Woman Who Changed the World’ Hand to America. With a large pick-up truck filled with 2,000 copies, Hogue will visit bookstores, publishers and media in California in August. Will she succeed in seducing America to better embrace feminine qualities?

Feminine qualities are required

Hogg’s motivation for publication in America lies in the book’s deeper messages. He wants to fight against the excessive masculinity in society. “All manners have become masculinized, look at politics, business… If we continue to use masculine attributes, inequalities between rich and poor, polarization and a culture of fear will continue to grow. Ultimately, we are killing the Earth. This really needs to change, and that is my book,” says Hoke. ‘The Woman Who Changed the World’ draws on femininity on earth. For a better understanding of what unites us as people, rather than what seems to divide us.

‘The Woman Who Changed the World’ Published April 2022 by London Books. The sixth edition has just come out. Around 15,000 copies have now been sold in the Netherlands and Belgium, while Machiel Hoek is an unknown author and the book has never been reviewed in any newspaper or magazine. Through word of mouth and social media, a large fan base has developed that has embraced the book.

Cultural differences

During the translation process for the American version, Hooke encountered major cultural differences. The translators have warned us of a number of situations described that could lead to the book being banned in the US. “I’ve rewritten many pieces for that reason,” Hogue says, “but certainly not all of them. Because that’s precisely the problem with masculine American society: No one takes responsibility for his actions!

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On his US tour, Hogue starts in Los Angeles and then travels north to San Francisco. Finally, he drives his large pick-up truck to the Nevada desert, where he reconnects with the 2014 book Temple on Burning Man as part of a symbolic pilgrimage.

A Dutch party has already asked about the film rights, so the next step…: The girl goes to Hollywood!

Machiel Hoek (49) is a Chartered Accountant, CFO, CEO and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in business. From childhood he sought the ‘secret of life’ and did so in a way that dominates our society and business: reason and the acquisition of knowledge. Ten years ago, a series of profound experiences made him decide to turn his life around and take the search for ‘the secret’ seriously. That decision literally changed his world and brought the best thing imaginable: new life.

Hogue says his mission is to bring the feminine and masculine qualities into a stable balance in our world.

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