Do vegetarians fart more than meat eaters?

Do vegetarians fart more than meat eaters?

Many people these days are switching to a (partially) vegetarian diet. Better for the environment, better for animals and… Cheaper. But is it true that vegetarians fart more than meat eaters? subway Nutritionist Manon Waters asks the question and comes up with interesting (and somewhat funny) answers about the well-known stink bombs.

According to Waters, it’s true that vegetarians fart more than people who eat meat. “This is because they eat more vegetables and fruits,” says the nutritionist. “Many vegetarians replace meat with vegetables and fruits, because they contain more dietary fibre. The dietary fiber found in vegetables and fruits is only broken down in the large intestine and gas can form. The more your food contains, the more flatulence.”

“If you fart a lot, your intestines are working too hard.”

If you’re planning to switch to a vegan diet, Waters says you should keep in mind that you’ll fart more at first. “It may take several weeks for your intestines to get used to the amount of dietary fiber you consume. Because the fiber in vegetables and fruits absorbs a lot of fluid, it is important to drink enough water.

Does the number of farts you produce per day drive you crazy? Then remember that it’s healthy to let them go. “If you fart a lot, it means your intestines are working too hard,” says Waters. “Your waste needs to be removed, so if you fart, you may experience complaints like fatigue or abdominal cramps. If you fart, that’s a good sign. Your bowels become active afterward and that’s healthy.”

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Sanitary materials in the wind

Inhaling other people’s fumes isn’t exactly fun, but according to a nutritionist, even that has health benefits. She knows that “there are healthy substances in the wind.” subway Tells. “Researchers have seen Hydrogen sulfide can reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even dementia. So you could say it’s healthy to sit in someone else’s stink.

Waters advises her clients to eat more fruits and vegetables. “Vegetables contain all the important nutrients, so I always recommend a more plant-based diet. Eating less meat is healthier. Eating red meat and its products on a regular basis increases the risk of colon cancer.

“Products like soybeans, vegetables, and tempeh are good.”

However, she doesn’t immediately recommend an all-vegan diet to her clients. “Then maybe you are deficient in omega-3, iron and vitamin B. Nowadays there are many good meat substitutes, but you also have to be careful about that. Some products are highly processed and contain sugar, salt and fat as well as preservatives. Then Choose products such as soybeans, vegetables, tempeh and eggs.

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