Do dogs wag their tails because we like rhythm?

Do dogs wag their tails because we like rhythm?

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Humans have had a major impact on what animals, especially domestic animals, look like today. For example, the way we bred dogs may have meant that their eyes are now mainly brown.

Now researchers think we may have also influenced how they wag their tails. Today, the wagging tail of this loyal companion is seen as an expression of emotion. Feeling happy in general. But how did this behavior arise?

For example, research has actually shown that human-raised dog puppies shake much more than human-raised wolf puppies. It has also been discovered that dogs shake to the right during positive experiences, such as seeing their owner again, but to the left during exciting situations from which they want to withdraw.

Dogs wag their tails more than other dogs, even when they are adults. This may have something to do with our selection process during reproduction. We may do so, these scientists now suggest, because humans are so sensitive to rhythm.

Much more research is needed to say this with more certainty. There are plenty of other plausible theories too. We may have chosen this during breeding because we prefer shaking communication to barking.

Read more about the research here: Scientists say dogs may wag their tails so much because humans love rhythm

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