Decorative frames are hot: from elegant and classic to ultra-chic

Decorative frames are hot: from elegant and classic to ultra-chic

Not sure if it fits your space? Don't worry, there are lots of different styles of frames and rims Endless Come up with color combinations.

Classic look

We start with the timeless and most elegant formula: the classic templates. You often see detailed, refined designs, with lots of braids and decorative angles. In most hardware stores you'll find plaster trim to create this look, but you can also find wood moldings with a rich finish.

Elegant, simple and elegant

Whatever your interior design, whether modern, minimalist, eclectic or Japanese, the elegant and simple decorative frame always suits you. The simple design gives an elegant look, and soft materials such as wood and polystyrene provide an elegant finishing touch. If you want the moldings to blend in with your home decor, paint them the same color as your wall, as you can see in the photo.

Wall paper

One creative way to incorporate frames into your home decor is to add wallpaper. This creates a truly unique and stylish wall! For example, choose a striking wallpaper pattern:

Or choose wallpaper in the same color as the frame, with a special structure. This way you can maintain peace in the room and creativity.

And this special pattern also looks great in the bedroom!


Do you regret that you no longer have space for wall art in decorative frames? Don't worry, you can purchase gorgeous prints for your decorative frames! This is a great way to really personalize your space. For example, you can choose to print one copy per list:

Or you can choose to cover a single decorative frame with a unique print!

different colors

By playing with different colors of walls and frames, you can add depth to your wall. Whether you choose two completely different tones, or one tone on the other: it's all possible!

Make your own decorative frames?

Are you completely inspired by the idea and want to get decorative frames yourself? You don't have to be a professional to do this! In this article we explain step by step how you can see and install decorative moldings yourself!

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