How MagSafe makes your Android smartphone better

How MagSafe makes your Android smartphone better

With MagSafe, you can connect useful accessories to your smartphone, and it's not exclusive to iPhones. Read here what you can do with MagSafe and how you can get it on your Android smartphone.

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Benefits of MagSafe for Android users

We may not admit it often enough, but… apple It has quite a few good exclusive smartphone features, including MagSafe. These are a series of magnets located on the back of your phone. Various accessories connect to this seamlessly and wirelessly.

For example, think of wireless chargers that can transfer the perfect amount of power through contact with magnets. Or wireless power banks that stay attached to your phone because of magnets. Apple and third-party card holders also work well with MagSafe. This way you can always access your cards and easily tap them on and off your smartphone.

Magsafe Apple

There are also plenty of phone holders that you can place on your desk at home or work. With Apple, these devices automatically activate “standby” mode and display a clock with important information. Combine this stand with the Android app “Stand By Mode Pro” and you will have the same system on your Android phone.

Pro Standby: Always on

Zetabit technology

There are a lot of great MagSafe accessories out there: from charging stations to professional camera holders, and gaming brand Razor has even made MagSafe fans. This way your phone stays cool while gaming. Anyway, the range is expanding more and more, so why would you want to miss it as an Android user?

This is how you add MagSafe to an Android smartphone

Although MagSafe is an Apple invention, you can also use it on your Android smartphone. There are several ways to do this, but the following two are the easiest to use.

MagSafe sticker

Magsafe sticker

With the MagSafe Universal Ring Sticker, you can equip almost any smartphone with MagSafe. Rings often come in packs of two, four, or eight and are easy to stick on the back of your smartphone or on your cases. The rings are made of metal and are the same size as the accessory magnets. This means they stick firmly to the rings.

Magsafe case

MagSafe case

Do you have a more expensive phone, like the Google Pixel 8 or Samsung Galaxy S23? Then there's a good chance special MagSafe cases will sell out. These cases also have the necessary magnetic metal ring that attaches to MagSafe accessories. This is integrated into the box and will therefore stand out less than the circular label.

Of course, these stickers and covers do not guarantee that your smartphone will recognize the accessory. So your phone does not save the cardholder's last location and does not automatically go into “standby” mode.

Qi2 offers better integration

In fact, MagSafe is no longer completely exclusive, because Qi2 has been released since 2023. Qi is one of the well-known wireless charging protocols and the second generation uses the same magnets used in iPhones with MagSafe.

This means that Qi2-equipped smartphones also support MagSafe accessories. So you don't need a special case or sticker at all, but where to buy such a smartphone?

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ZTE Nubia Z40 Pro

That remains to be seen for now. Although Qi2 technology is already available to manufacturers, no devices that support Qi2 have been released yet. Although there is a Nubia smartphone with a magnet on the back, it is not available in the Netherlands.

We can't wait for the first Qi2-enabled smartphones to appear in the Netherlands. Once that happens, we'll let you know. Add Android Planet to your Google News overview so you don't miss any news, reviews, and tips.

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