Controversy over the “smart” cemetery in Casablanca

Controversy over the “smart” cemetery in Casablanca

The union of local authorities that manages the Mercy Cemetery in Dar Bouazza, near Casablanca, announced the signing of an agreement to establish the first smart and safe cemetery in the region, according to reports. al3omk. This project, whose cost is estimated at more than 37 million dirhams, includes the installation of surveillance cameras and traffic lights, as well as the purchase of six electric vehicles designated to facilitate visitors’ movements.

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The initiative, in which agencies such as the Nouaceur Development Company, Nouaceur Prefecture and the Ministry of Interior participate, aims to encourage innovation and digitalization to improve security and user experience. It also aims to enhance accessibility and services within cemeteries, which are considered essential public spaces.

However, the project is under discussion. The agency wrote, “Local observers and civil associations in Nouaceur Province consider this project ‘suspicious’ because the amount allocated is considered exaggerated.”

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Funding for the project will be shared between the General Directorate of Local Communities, which will contribute approximately 17 million dirhams, and the Charok Group, which will release more than 20 million dirhams. The Nawasir Development Company will undertake the management of the cemetery, including reception, camera surveillance, and electric vehicle management, for a period of three years after the completion of the works.

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