British Prime Minister Sunak calls for elections to be held on July 4th

British Prime Minister Sunak calls for elections to be held on July 4th

The UK will hold national elections on Thursday 4 July. This was announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Conservative Party) on Wednesday, in an announcement that came As a big surprise In political circles in London. Most media outlets and politicians have also predicted that Sunak will not call a House of Commons election until sometime next autumn.

“It is time for Britain to choose what our future will look like,” Sunak said during his announcement. There has been speculation in Westminster politics for months about the timing of the election. In the United Kingdom, setting the exact date of elections is the personal prerogative of the Prime Minister, as long as they take place within the statutory parliamentary term of five years.

The deadline for holding the elections was the end of January next year. The general assumption was that Sunak would wait as long as possible, because the Conservative Party consistently trails the opposition Labor Party in almost all opinion polls. Rating for Sunak as Prime Minister is also low. He thought he would like to have the opportunity as long as possible to improve those surveys.

Inflation decreases, and immigration approaches

But Sunak said on Wednesday that the priorities as he set them were “going well”. Earlier on Wednesday, it was announced that UK inflation fell further, from 11.1 percent when Sunak took office at the end of October 2022 to 2.3 percent last April. The Conservative government also hopes the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda will depart soon, a key political move to show it is doing something about the large numbers of migrants coming to the UK.

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One of Sunak’s most important promises was to halve inflation and it has been fulfilled. But as for the other promises he made when he took office, This does not apply. NHS waiting lists have increased further. Migrants are still making the dangerous crossing of the canal from France, despite his pledge to put an end to it.

The election could end a fourteen-year period of power in government – four consecutive terms – for the Conservative Party. The Conservative Party took power from the Labor Party in 2010, led by then Prime Minister David Cameron. Never in the UK have voters given any party the chance of a fifth term.

During Sunak’s announcement, protesters played loudly outside the street near the official residence Things can only get better af, the D:ream song used by Labor leader Tony Blair in his 1997 election campaign. Blair won a huge victory at the time and Labor remained in power until 2010. Current Labor leader Keir Starmer said in a response on Wednesday that the Labor Party “ “It will stop the chaos in the country.” He added that if the Conservatives remain in power for another five years, nothing will change.

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