Donald Trump hasn’t picked a vice president yet: Who will be his right-hand man?

Donald Trump hasn’t picked a vice president yet: Who will be his right-hand man?

Apart from the above candidates, many more names are constantly doing the rounds.

Ben Carson, a former member of the Trump administration, will also be a contender. He is close to evangelical Christians and African American.

Byron Donalds He is also considered a rising talent within the Republican Party. A staunch supporter of Donald Trump’s policies. He is one of the few African-American conservative voices in the House of Representatives. But he’s from Florida, and that could pose a constitutional problem, as does Senator Marco Rubio.

Further Rick Scott, another senator from Florida reportedly has the same problem. He also has a good relationship with Trump. He was also seen in New York during the Trump trial.

One of the senators from Arkansas Tom Cotton will be shortlisted. He is a staunch defender of Donald Trump and young political talent.

The name Tulsi Gabard Comes around. In 2020 he wanted to be the Democratic presidential candidate. He left the Democratic Party in 2022. As a regular commentator on Fox News, he was beloved by conservative audiences.

Governor of South Dakota, Christie nomHe seems to have disappeared from the scene as a candidate, as he mentions in his autobiography a story about how he once shot his dog.

Donald Trump has said in interviews that a decision is over ‘Running Companion’ will be done near the conference. It begins July 15 in Milwaukee. In 2016, he declared Mike Pence for himself ‘Running Companion’A few days before the convention that year.

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