Controversial golfers demand LIV Series points for world ranking

Controversial golfers demand LIV Series points for world ranking

The 48 active golfers in the controversial LIV Golf Series are fighting for equal treatment. They demanded in a letter to the organization providing the official world ranking that they also receive points for that ranking. They argue that “the world ranking without LIV players is incomplete and incorrect. It can be compared to excluding England, Belgium and Argentina from the football world rankings.”

So far, the professionals who participated in the new round have not been awarded any points in the world rankings. They are seen as defectors by the leading US PGA Tour and are no longer welcome in the PGA Championships. The world ranking points are important because they help determine whether players can participate in the major tournaments.

“We require that the results of LIV Golf events be included in the rating calculations. This is not only in the interest of the integrity of the ranking, but also in the interest of the sport. Every week that passes without the involvement of LIV players undermines the historical value of the official world ranking,” the 48 golfers, including the seed, wrote. World No. 3 Cameron Smith and former No. 1 Dustin Johnson. “The level during the LIV tournament is at least as high as the level of the PGA Championship. We know that because we played on both tournaments.”


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