Viaplay is sportzender: welke sporten kun je vanaf de zomer kijken?

Viaplay is a sports channel: what sports can you watch?

Viaplay presents itself as a streaming service for entertainment, but sports are dominant. What sports do you watch on Viaplay?

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naturally Viaplay is an entertainment show. The Swedish owner invests hundreds of millions of euros in his films, series and documentaries. If you especially love Scandinavian content, then Viaplay is the place for you. But no matter which way you look at it: Viaplay is really just a sports channel. The largest group with over 750,000 Dutch subscribers now has a subscription to Viaplay for the sports show. With the current success of Max Verstappen, Formula 1 is the largest farm tractor.


Many Dutch people know that Formula 1, darts and football can be seen in Viaplay. But not much is known about many other sports as being part of the sports show. These are the main sports competitions that can be watched by subscribing to Viaplay.

  • Formula 1
  • Formula 2
  • Formula 3
  • Porsche Cup
  • Men’s Football Premier League
  • German Bundesliga men’s football
  • Football German Bundesliga 2 men
  • Men’s Football Championship
  • Men’s Premier League Football Cup
  • Coupe de France men’s football
  • Scottish Cup men’s soccer
  • Football League Men’s Super Cup
  • Women’s football, the Bundesliga
  • Football Damallsvenskan vrowen
  • Elite women’s soccer team
  • Football Women’s First Division
  • Women’s Football League
  • Women’s Football League
  • European Futsal Champions League
  • Darts Premier League Darts
  • arrows master
  • World Grand Prix of Darts
  • Darts word match game
  • World Darts Championship
  • Darts Champions League
  • European Darts Championship
  • Darts Grand Slam Darts
  • PDC World Cup Darts
  • PDC World Darts Championship
  • MMA cage MMA
  • Enfusion MMA
  • MMA Invicta FC
  • Equestrian Epson Derby
  • Mosconi Billiards Cup
  • US Open Billiards Championship
  • World Cup Billiards
  • World Billiards Championship
  • Billiards World Billiards Master
  • Men’s Hockey Tulip Hoodclassic
  • Women’s Hockey Tulip Hoodclassic

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