Climate is no longer a top priority for Europe

Climate is no longer a top priority for Europe

European leaders appear determined to shift focus from new climate and environmental measures to enhancing business competitiveness and other priorities. The draft text of the EU’s strategic agenda for the next five years sets out five key priorities, including defence, competitiveness, engagement with other regions, migration and EU enlargement, De Standar writes. It is striking that “a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe” is no longer considered a core priority, but rather falls under the rubric of “resilience and competitiveness”.

Part of the reason for this shift lies in the fact that important climate goals such as climate neutrality by 2050 are already enshrined in law. European leaders now stress the need to implement and maintain these goals. This also reflects a decreased willingness to adopt new climate and environmental measures.

Some political leaders, such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, have called for a “regulatory pause” to prevent companies from leaving the European Union. This has led to a growing sense of “climate fatigue” among some voters.

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