China seduces the Philippines into not allying with the United States, which turns out to be the plan

Portal Jumper – Some time ago, China created a scene in Southeast Asian countries by granting permission to shoot foreign ships in the North Neduna Sea.

However, it seems that China does not want the Philippines to return as an ally of the United States. This is because it will be difficult for China to deal with regional conflicts in the North Nashuna Sea. Moreover, China also wants the United States not to interfere in the North Nashuna maritime dispute.

In fact, in order to streamline its program, the Philippines was asked not to worry about this controversy because the Chinese embassy in Manila said that permission to sink foreign ships by Chinese coastal vessels was a “domestic rule”.

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Not only that, but China also said it was looking for a peaceful settlement with the Philippines over the North Nashuna maritime dispute, quoted by from the South China Morning Post.

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines said on Monday evening, February 1, 2021, “The Chinese Coast Guard is an administrative law enforcement agency.”

“The creation of the Coast Guard Act is a common domestic legislative activity in China,” he stressed.

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“Enforcement of the Coast Guard Act (UU) is done not only by China, but by all (countries) sovereign rights,” they wrote.

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